Our Beginning

Before moving to Arlington, Texas, we previously coached the Northeast Raiders (NER) cheerleading squad in El Paso Texas for a youth city football program.  During our last year of coaching the Raiders, we were fortunate to coach a young lady, Cristiane Lynn Cabrera.  Cristiane was 9 years old at the time we started coaching her and we understood that she had chronic asthma that she dealt with day in and day out.  We knew when she was having a difficult day, even though she continued to give it her all and never complained.  She had a true sense of living her life to the fullest.  In 2003, the Northeast Raiders (little and big) won the City of El Paso Cheerleading Championship!  We were extremely proud of all the girls for presenting the very best in the City.  What a great time!  We decided to go one step further and take the girls to NCA Nationals competition in Dallas, Texas that December.  The girls performed with all their hearts.  We enjoyed every minute we spent with this group of girls.  The parents were also extremely supportive understanding the program and enjoyed seeing their daughter grow by doing something they love.  Once back in El Paso, we had a celebration at Peter Piper Pizza.  Little did we know that this would be the last time we would see Cristiane.  Cristiane passed away from the effects of asthma on February 28, 2004.  This was an extremely hard time for all coaches, football players, cheerleaders, parents, etc. who were part of NER.

City of Arlington Partnership

Coach Tara and I moved to Arlington in 2004 after she graduated from high school and we wanted to build a similar family oriented program to what we had in El Paso.  We wanted to dedicate this program to Cristiane and her awesome willingness to just LIVE!  In 2008, the City of Arlington was looking for volunteer coaches for their basketball recreation cheerleading program.  Inquiring into this opportunity, my daughter and I became partners with the City of Arlington Elzie Odom Recreation center.  In partnering with the City of Arlington after a few seasons, it was agreed to take the girls to local competitions.  At that time, we named the program Arlington Cheer Legend.  The team has a zebra mascot named CLC (which are the initials of Christiane). 

Cheer Legend Champions was Established

In 2012, our journey continued by establishing our own cheerleading gym and this is when elements came into play by gaining a gym location in a vibrant part of Arlington, Texas.  After establishing our footprint in the all-star cheerleading world under Arlington Cheer Legend, it was decided in 2016 to continue expanding our footprint by removing Arlington from our gym name and rename our business as “Cheer Legend Champions”.  We continue to honor Cristiane Lynn Cabrera in any way that we can, as she, her family were a big part of our lives and hearts, always! 

At this time, my daughter and I co-own the gym.  In addition to co-owning the business, both Tara and I provide a high level of cheerleading resources to include coaching/mentoring, team building, choreography, tumbling, etc. to all children who participate in our programs.  There are additional coaches who are contracted to perform cheer and tumble coaching as well.  Over the several years in establishing our footprint, the cheerleaders and gym have obtained several championships, accolades, trophies, t-shirts, jackets, etc.  

CLC Move to Mansfield, TX

In May 2017, we moved from our one floor facility in Arlington, TX into our new facility with two sets of spring floors, tumble trak, side tumble strips and much more @ FieldhouseUSA Mansfield in May 2017.  We are proud to be representing CLC for going on 8 years now and we are thrilled where we are today and where we are going in the future!  

What We Do

Our fundamentals for the cheerleading gym truly focuses on being a safe haven for all children who want to come and learn more about cheerleading skills.  Cheerleading skills include not only physical abilities such as arm motions, facials, jumps, dance, tumbling, stunts, performance criteria, etc. but also team building, mentoring, safety awareness, positive personalities, goal-orientation, community involvement and being a responsible individual on a daily basis.  We provide some of the best coaching in the industry plus involve all family to be part of the overall exciting experience.

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Cheer Legend Champions
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